The Cosmetology Industry Association of Alabama is member-driven and member-run organization with a unique structure that allows for fair representation from our diverse membership. There are four main leadership groups each with a specific task to help further the Cosmetology Industry Association of Alabama and its members – the Officers, Executive Committee, Leadership Council and the House of Delegates.

The business of the CIAA is conducted by the staff under the direction of the five Officers who are elected by the membership and must have previously served on the Executive Committee. The Officers, in cooperation with the Executive Director, handle budgeting, endorsement of legislation, strategic planning and other industry-wide issues. The officers are the President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

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The Officers are assisted by the Executive Committee, which is made up of representatives from each of the three Leadership Councils, two elected members of the House of Delegates, and overseen by the immediate past president. The Executive Committee is the legislative and policy-forming body.

Within the Executive Committee, there are three Leadership Councils, which help guide each main membership category within the CIAA.

  • Beauty Professionals (5 members)
  • Salon owners/managers (4 members)
  • School administrators (3 members)

Each Leadership Council is elected from the membership at-large within each of the three membership categories.

The House of Delegates is the deliberative body and is also elected from the membership at-large within each of Alabama’s seven congressional districts. It elects from within two representatives to sit on the Executive Committee. The House of Delegates provides oversight to the organization. Each district (based on Alabama’s seven congressional districts) will have three delegates in the House and one additional delegate per 100 association members in that district. The bylaws specify composition, duties and responsibilities further.

Currently, the CIAA is managed by interim Officers. The Leadership Councils and House of Delegates will be elected in 2012, and, from there, new Officer elections will be held.

The professional staff and leadership of the CIAA will always be the first to stand up when it matters for your interests in Alabama. Whether it’s the small salon, the largest spas or the schools training the next generation of professionals, the CIAA and its staff are always working for you.

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